“A thrilling, visceral dance, which may trouble your dream state for a while.” Exeunt Magazine, Glasgow (on DUAL)
Skeleton Tree is a new work in development

Skeleton Tree is a new work in development co-created by Malthouse Theatre Artistic Director Matthew Lutton and Choreographer Stephanie Lake. More information coming soon!

Photos: Nick Roux



“Stephanie Lake has danced with most of our best contemporary dance-makers and now, only five years or so into her choreographic career, she’s making a very strong bid to join them at the top table.” 

Deborah Jones, The Australian

“Stunning design and Matt Lutton’s command of visual spectacle make this a deeply seductive descent into hell. Stylish and soulful, wild and disturbing and darkly funny, Black Rider is almost worth selling your soul to see.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age



Stephanie Lake and Matthew Lutton (Malthouse Theatre)
Nicola Leahey, James O’Hara, James Vu Anh Pham
Michaela Coventry