“The decision to engage Stephanie Lake and her frequent collaborator Robin Fox was terrific on paper and ever more terrific in reality.” Deborah Jones, The Australian
World Premiere | Powerhouse, Brisbane, February 10 2017
Commissioned by Queensland Ballet for Bespoke.

From Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet, Li Cunxin: ” These innovative works set our Bespoke program in motion and are all about new people, new art and new ideas. The notion of innovation has, from the outset, formed the very essence of this project. Special thanks to the choreographers, whose vision has enabled the Bespoke concept to come to fruition – Stephanie Lake, Amy Hollingsworth and Jack Lister. You have truly made this opening Bespoke season one of significance for Queensland Ballet and our audiences. As we strive to contribute to the landscape of new Australian dance works, your choreography brings a much welcomed challenge for our dancers.”

From Stephanie Lake: “Inspired by the rigour and discipline of the ballet dancers, Chameleon explores adaptation, osmosis, uniformity and metamorphosis. A collision of extremes: contemporary and classical, upheaval and control, restriction and freedom. Chameleon is about the continual pull of the group. There are ruptures, individuals break out and assert their individuality but the draw of the collective is strong and they return again and again to be subsumed. There is strength in numbers. The dancers take the audience with them on a journey through virtuosity, absurdity, spontaneity and the joys of the shared experience. ”

Photos: David Kelly




“An exhilarating mashup of styles wrapped around a big heart…Lake was clearly enchanted by the formal beauty of classical shapes and the dancers’ technical gifts while casting an outsider’s coolly appraising eye over ballet’s conformist tendencies. Chameleon made much of the pull of the group versus the needs of the individual in ways that were witty, odd, mysterious and touching.”
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-Deborah Jones, The Australian

“Witty, more than a little whimsical and was beautifully performed. Lake, with collaborator and composer Robin Fox, created the most challenging work for the dancers, pushing them out of their comfort zones in new directions.”

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-Denise Richardson, Dance Australia





Stephanie Lake
Robin Fox
Laura Hidalgo, Shane Wuerthner, Camilo Ramos, Teri Crilly, Rian Thompson, David Power, Vanessa Morelli, Georgia Swan, Ze Wu, Zhi Fang, Yayoi Matches, Clare Morehan, Vito Bernasconi, Alexander Idaszak, Lina Kim, D’arcy Brazier, Zoe Doonar, Laim Geck, Serena Green, Samual Packer, Laura Tosar, Neneka Yoshida, Sophie Zoricic, Zuquan Kou
Lighting Designer:
Cameron Goerg
Costume Concept:
Stephanie Lake
Costume Design Coordinator:
Noelene Hill
Artistic Director, Queensland Ballet: 
Li Cunxin
Executive Producer:
Dilshani Weerasinghe


25 minutes


Bespoke for Queensland Ballet

World Premiere: Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane, February 10 2017


Bespoke was supported by the Arts Queensland, Australia Council for the Arts, Suncorp, Virgin Australia, BMW and JC Decaux